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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - D4 Housing at other settlements

Representation ID: 2605

OBJECT Natural England (Ms Kirsty Macpherson)


D3 Housing development at smaller
villages, provides protection for
biodiversity, waterways and GI.
This protection should extent to
other settlements

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Representation ID: 1523

OBJECT Trustees of FJ Wallis represented by Kirkby Diamond (on behalf of Trustees of FJ Wallis) (Chris Green)


the combined effect of Policy S2 'Spatial Strategy for Growth' and Policy D4 'Housing at Other
Settlements' is to treat Stoke Hammond (and other such settlements) as 'open countryside'. It places an
unnecessarily restrictive approach on new development: not only must there be exceptional circumstances
where allocated sites are not coming forward at a sufficient rate; but even in such circumstances, proposals
may only be for either affordable housing, or small infilling.

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Representation ID: 1440

OBJECT Mr David Vowles


Policy should be clarifies to take into account neighborhood plans and the Rural Exceptions Policy (H2)

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Representation ID: 896

SUPPORT Great & Little Kimble cum Marsh Parish Council represented by Mr Neil Homer


We support the constraint on housing development in the countryside beyond settlements in the hierarchy.

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Representation ID: 226

OBJECT Mr Terry Benwell


The proposal under this policy is too prescriptive and would not necessarily accord with Made Neighbourhood Plans for Other Settlements. The Policy in the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan states ' for infilling of small gaps in developed frontages with one or two homes in keeping with the scale and spacing of nearby homes'. This policy therefore if adopted could be in conflict and contradict the policies in Neighbourhood Plans for Other Settlements.

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Representation ID: 146

SUPPORT Ms Patience Skillings


I hope care will be taken not to squeeze houses into hamlets, so that the effect is of high density, when the essential character of the settlement is of space between dwellings.

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