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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 4.169

Representation ID: 1670

OBJECT Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited represented by GL Hearn (Mr David Maxwell)


Paragraphs 4.169-4.173 indicate that Aylesbury Vale intends to allocate more employment land within the Local Plan than is required for the Plan period. The over-supply of employment land will comprise a mixture of existing retained employment sites as well as new allocated employment sites.

It is submitted that the oversupply of existing/ historic employment land will result in stagnation and high vacancy
rates for employment premises at sites such as the Gatehouse Industrial Estate.

Land at the Gatehouse Industrial Estate between the existing and permitted residential developments at Brook Mews and Alton House remains (as it has for a number of years) partly vacant, underutilised and unviable for future employment purposes. The land should not be retained as an employment allocation, and the failure to carry out an up-to-date review of the site is contrary to NPPF paragrph 22.

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