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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - D6 Town, village and local centres to support new and existing communities

Representation ID: 2532

OBJECT Aylesbury Society (Mr Keith Robinson)


requires a clause setting limits to non retails uses in the town centre retail areas.

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Representation ID: 2426

OBJECT Wendover Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (Mr Jonathan Clover)


In these circumstances, we support the principle of Policy D6, but a great deal of
work needs to go into developing practical measures to encourage business, where
possible reduce start up and ongoing business costs, and provide real support to improving the infrastructure in particular effective parking and suitable bus services.
There is also support for green tech initiatives.

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Representation ID: 2134

OBJECT Historic England (Mr Martin Small)


we welcome the requirement a for development proposals within town centres to "retain or enhance the town centre's historic character and appearance", although we would prefer "historic significance, character and appearance", and we consider that this requirement should apply to village centres, many of which are of historic significance, as part of the positive strategy for the conservation and enjoyment of, and the clear strategy for enhancing, the historic environment required by paragraphs 126 and 157 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

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Representation ID: 2002

OBJECT Wheeldon Estates represented by Savills (Mr Geraint Jones)


The representations set out our support for the recognition of Buckingham as a 'strategic settlement' (Policy S3), the Council's approach to re-use of previously developed land (Policy S7), and confirm the flexibility in terms of appropriate uses within town centres (Policy D6). In addition, the representations confirm our broad support for allocation BUC040 in Buckingham, but with the caveat that greater clarity is required regarding the distribution of uses.

More details about Rep ID: 2002

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