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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - D7 Town centre redevelopment

Representation ID: 2610

OBJECT Natural England (Ms Kirsty Macpherson)


Almost compliant, small re-write

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Representation ID: 1675

OBJECT Mr David Vowles


E2 should read E6 (second paragraph).

More details about Rep ID: 1675

Representation ID: 448

OBJECT AOTRA (Mr Adrian Harford)


We put forward a package of changes (set out in our separate, detailed representations) which would make the plan sound provided an early review of the Town Centre proposals is carried out.

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Representation ID: 437

OBJECT AOTRA (Mr Adrian Harford)


The proposed Transport Hub is not justified by the evidence, would make the town centre shops less accessible to bus users, would be difficult to achieve and would require the resiting (to an unspecified site) of Morrisons supermarket.

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Representation ID: 436

OBJECT AOTRA (Mr Adrian Harford)


The redevelopment proposals for middle High Street, the Wilko store, the adjoining fitness gym and Hampden House are unjustified and should be removed. The Post Office sorting office redevelopment allocation is premature and should be changed to a reserve site. References to Primary Frontages and the retention of trees in the Exchange Street car park redevelopment should be added.
Possible redevelopment for mixed uses, based principally on retail, should be considered for both the Hale Street/Railway Street area and for the area between New Street and Buckingham Street (Sloane House, ex-Govt. offices and Sainsbury's car park)

More details about Rep ID: 436

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