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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 5.5

Representation ID: 555

OBJECT Haddenham Village Society (Mr Graham Tyack)


Based on the figures in para 1.48 above, the percentage of affordable housing over recent years has averaged of 31%. However, the total number of households on the Bucks Home Choice Housing Register (paragraph 1.47) waiting for a social housing tenancy in April 2016 was over 3,000. Clearly, the average of 31% is failing to meet current needs. South Oxfordshire and Wycombe both allocate 40% of housing in developments of over 10 dwellings to affordable housing in their draft Local Plan. The need in AVDC must be comparable, therefore, a target 40% should be adopted.

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Representation ID: 337

SUPPORT Mr Chris Webbley


I support the 25% proportion of affordable housing (30% would be better). But for the 'Woodlands' development, the Strategic Development Management Committee approved a 20% figure. This decision needs to be revisited and changed upwards. (NB "Seek to secure" is a weak phrase, and should be changed to "secure".)

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Representation ID: 251

OBJECT Ms Alison Watt


In section 1.48 of the Background, we are told that the average rate of house building in AVDC over recent years has been 1,127 dwellings, and that an average of 349 were affordable dwellings. That gives an average of almost 31% affordable dwellings. This does not meet the current need. According to the figures in VALP (1.47), there were 3,000 people on the waiting list in April 2016. The Local Plans of two neighbouring districts, South Oxfordshire and Wycombe, both specify an allocation of 40% affordable housing. How can Aylesbury Vale's need be so much less?

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