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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 6.1

Representation ID: 2489

OBJECT Wycombe District Council (Charlotte Morris)


References to the Bucks HEDNA, throughout the employment land chapter are also
incorrect, e.g. para. 4.174 1st sentence should refer to the Bucks HEDNA Update,
December 2016 (not 2015). Bucks HEDNA Addendum (para. 4.175) was produced by
Atkins and ORS and was published in September 2017. Para. 4.176 refers to a property
market review by the LEP. This is included as Appendix A of the HEDNA Addendum
(September 2017). References should be checked accordingly.

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Representation ID: 1902

OBJECT Thornborough Parish Council (Maggie Beach)


* Employment Opportunities - the lack of new employment opportunities for the increased number of people in the planned dwellings will increase commuting and this congestion and air pollution throughout the Vale. More thought needs to be given to this issue.

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