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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - Table 9 Key employment sites

Representation ID: 2400

OBJECT The Environment Agency (Michelle Kidd)


Westcott Park
This site is largely on unproductive strata (clay/mudstone).The past land uses may have resulted in contamination being present. Therefore some site investigation/remedial works may be required with respect to controlled waters. Major remediation of groundwater or other controlled waters remediation is unlikely.

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Representation ID: 1671

OBJECT Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited represented by GL Hearn (Mr David Maxwell)


Aviva object to the retention of site AYL078 as part of the Gatehouse Industrial Estate key employment site.

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Representation ID: 598

OBJECT The Buckingham Society (Carolyn Cumming)


BUT to avoid confusion, Buckingham Industrial Park should make clear that Buckingham Business part is part of this key employment site.
We support Policy E2 on "other employment sites".
Paragraph 6.11: We think it is important to prevent employment uses occupying residential units. We would propose that the sentence includes "residential capacity"; e.g. "do not undermine the availability of suitability of land for other business or residential capacity, or compete with town and village locations"

Officer Note: changed from support to Object - due to criticism

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Representation ID: 287

OBJECT Gt Brickhill Parish Council (Mr Christopher Leech)


The Silverstone Enterprise Zone would seem to be something of a Red Herring. Technically it is in Aylesbury Vale, but due to its lack of good transport links to the south, bu excellent links via the A43 to the NE and SW, it will serve as an employment centre for N Oxfordshire and S Northamptonshire far more than it will Aylesbury Vale and should be removed from the VALP

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